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michigan ... someone said they saw someone knocked off their bicycle by a wave at fullerton avenue. here are some pictures just in to us this is michigan city in the washington park area this is southeast of milwaukee 20 ft. waves there but the measurements on the buoys have been knocked off line the whole level of the lake came up about two and half feet according tonoaa that would be in calumet city there's huge wave action in indiana and michigan but we've seen a lot of activity on our side of the lake as well. >>this wendy autumn storm produces sustained wind up to 20 mi. per hour today in our area these costs will go up over 20 mi. per hour and some other areas closer to lake in wisconsin michigan and indiana but they are dropping in intensity. this is not unlike what happens during a hurricane with a storm surge this storm just replace the one that took off a couple of days of go without had been hanging around our area rain is not the big issue but the lake effect rains are going into indiana and michigan right now but they will blow back to our shores here those will be on t
clean water to all corners of the globe. >> an incredible sight out over lake michigan this morning, what about that jim?, that was one of the things we monitored throughout the day, the other being the cold damp jury weather, will it continue? well yes. we'll have details still ahead. [ female announcer ] now there's a delicious way to help get omega-3 dha into your kid's diet. new flintstones gummies plus omega-3 dha. the only complete children's multivitamin that's also an excellent source of this key nutrient. all in a great-tasting gummy. new from flintstones. hey guys what can i get for you? i would like a decaf 360 calories please. and for you? i'll have a triple iced 410 calories please. you want the 40 whipped calories on that? uh, you know what... i'll have this instead. [ female announcer ] swap one thing a day for a yoplait light. with 33 flavors all around a hundred calories, a swap a day adds up to amazing. now you can add some crunch to your creamy. yoplait light with granola. try it today. hello frank! right. back on. le
march in indian head park and burr ridge >>affair the resurfacing of michigan avenue got underway this morning-got a partner transportation as repaving from illinois all the way to oak street design and lake shore drive from oak to division one or two lanes will be closed throughout the project and c-dot city crews will use as little progress base as possible there will also be parking restrictions in certain areas as the crews repair the sidewalks and curbs the project is expected to last for mid november. nearly 55,000 senior citizens and cook county are missing out on property tax breaks that they're entitled to receive a new state law was approved last year the removed automatic exemptions for homeowners under 65 over 65 ... that means seniors must reapply for the exemption every year property-tax bills are expected to arrive next week and officials say that seniors should double check their bills and apply for the homestead exemption before paying their property taxes >>and one arrested and charged with a crime in the city of our rural will now live to pay $50 processing fe
isolated waterspouts on light michigan ... you'll see toward the end the blossoming of the cumulus clouds that tower at 21,000 ft. right now these clouds over lake michigan can produce thunder and lightning over the next several days there will, and they will go there will scatter ... it will be the dominant whether feature here is what we see on the radar right now ... lake michigan and the chicago shoreline and the western suburbs have been enjoying some mixed sunbreaks ... but looking at the wind there is a circulation developing their and this will speed up some substantial localized rainshowers ... here is what the model is doing ... it will bring clouds on shore with shower activity toward dinner time this evening and they will pop from time to time and then wash back to the shoreline ... what is happening here is warm air is running up to canada and cutting off this cool pool of heir to settle down here above us we will be under that for several days ... the wind may get gusty along the way sunday into monday ... we are about one degree warmer than we were yesterday at this time ..
michigan awakes will build to two stories high from 18-20 ft. there are lakeshore flooding advisory's near the indiana and michigan shoreline's as those powerful 50 mi. per hour wind gusts take hold ... the wind advisories are in effect here in chicago between 2:00 p.m. today and 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning ... we promise warmer weather is on the way next week ... we're looking at the maps to see the speed of those wind gusts ... there will be howling bring into our area coming from down the lake ... in time there will reorient themselves and bend into the chicago area bringing us lake effect rainshowers later tomorrow and into part of the day on saturday they will be for mostly lakeside counties ... but the peak wind gusts will surpass 40 mi. per hour by 7:00 this evening at midnight they will be about 30 mi. per hour or slightly higher ... and going into michigan they are 50 mi. per hour off the lake. later tomorrow we will see the wind led up to about 25 mi. per hour ... that buckle in the jet stream will be bringing the cool air and ... the big canadian high end will be here ... the
of michigan and indiana. lake affect rainfall before this is all over much more to talk about a warm up later in the weekend. >> live at michigan avenue with the gusts have picked up. >> picking up for sure the windy weather all day long we have been waiting in a great anticipation to see what form in the city still seems relatively quiet a beautiful evening 40-50 mi. per hour wind have not seen that other parts of downtown out west very different story take a look at this video pretty amazing time lapse video late this afternoon skies turned it drastically gray and fast. clouds filled the skies near 290 for the wind picked up hard. no rainfall just ominous guys traveling at a rapid pace spurted nothing but compliments from pedestrians a cool night but noticeable not threatening wind light debris to legitimatize marilyn monroe start blowing up properly under these conditions for those on foot and general consensus simply a lovely fall evening. the >> exactly what i expected. beautiful a beautiful night >> i have enough clothes and i think it is beautiful for september is nice. windy cit
temperatures: the water temperature is 67 degrees on lake michigan the mold count is high today not as extreme as yesterday but still up there that's bad news for the allergy sufferers. we have 40 degree temperatures in the suburbs no more 60 degree weather. 59 degrees at both o'hare and midway airports ... here is how the pattern lays out with this powerhouse jet stream running across canada ... we have another front sitting there and spinning over us the war mayor goes over the top of it getting canada 80 degree temperatures and here we are in the sixties ... the warm air will eventually spin here and kick this thing out by mid week next week and we will be back in those warmer temperatures ... we have spotty skies through tomorrow morning. we go through saturday with rain in the area and sunday as well. there will be some holes in it and breaks in these clouds from time to time ... but the moisture is pretty impressive coming out of these cloud patterns. in counties that are adjacent to lake michigan could be in for an inch or more of rain. temperatures in the 60s today the 40's for t
there on lake michigan the wind will strengthen as lee gets closer ... it is 64 degrees right now in chicago downtown we are two degrees warmer than yesterday ... but we did put frost on the pumpkin up in wisconsin this morning ... stevens 0.36 degreespoint was 36 degrees this morning ... here are the local temperatures on the map ... low sixties for most of the region this afternoon ... the water temperatures are down to 71 degrees we have moderate mold and ragweed readings the clouds showers and downpours other remnants of tropical storm lee which has sped up the east coast but it will back up into the midwest the clouds will be here tomorrow night into thursday and friday which would generate showers ... we will have wet weather ... it will get windy here 64 at midway ... we have a weird upper air pattern clear gets trapped with katia going up the east coast building burr ridge backing leak into the midwestbuildiong the ridge that enables lee's remants to reach the mfdwest... the west edge of the appalachians that will generate some wind gusts tore the chicago area they will get stronge
the construction project closing lanes and limit parking on north michigan avenue roby repaved from illinois-oak street also touched up sidewalks work schedule to take six weeks during that time parking bans the lookout for the sign. >> chaotic moments after michael jackson stop reading it next dramatic testimony in the trial of the singer's doctor today and what got pop star rihanna kicked off of a farm in ireland? ah. who's ready? i'm ready. let's do this! i'm so ready. [ female announcer ] when you're prepared for your check-up, you just know you're going to ace it. ready for your check-up? i'm so ready. [ female announcer ] crest pro-health invigorating clean rinse. its invigorating action lets you know it's working to fight plaque and gingivitis. and provides all these other benefits. crest pro-health invigorating clean rinse. clean, protect and invigorate your way to better dental check-ups. [ laughter ] ask me. if you think even the best bed can only lie there... ask me what it's like... when my tempur-pedic moves... to someone who owns an adjustabl
michigan. that should allow the cloudiness to push over this city. wind speeds are not particularly impressive at about 5-15 mi. per hour. this is the chilly air that is bin over the chicago area the past few days it will get into the '70s becomes another chunk of cold canadian air that is expected around midweek. for tonight: look for mostly clear low temperature to 947 in some of the suburbs. tamara passing showers in began lining a possibility low temperatures 60-64 and on monday morning clouds as the system drops to the south and east and it will be raining in northern indiana we are thinking but the chicago area should be able to enjoy afternoon sunshine monday. temperatures not unpleasant in the upper 60s and low '70's. fine dining ingredients with all of the personal touches of home. our dining critic checks out rustic house. >> voters come to the rescue of a deer who found itself in over its head. >> dan roan has another day in illinois and north western in sports. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] everybody loves that cushiony feeling. uh oh. i gotta go. [ female announc
are in illinois another 3000 are in minnesota and iowa and michigan it is not clear how many of those jobs can be performed in one's home but the governor said people can work out of state by helping their local communities working home and spending their ... >>middle-income households saw their pay scales fall 7% that's $49,000 a year a level not seen since 1996 according to the u.s. census data the great recession hit the middle and lower class is disproportionately white upper-class is and the wealthy gained more and come ... >>chicago-area superstitions are serving record numbers and this is a trend that is expected to continue ... there is a new study on food and security ... the greater chicago food depository continues to try to chip away at it hunter in the region but the new study indicates that levels of food insecurity continue to grow with one in five persons not knowing when the next meal will occur. >>the other is more pervasive everywhere and it's not necessarily who you believe it is. it could be a neighbor or family member who does not know where the next meal is coming fro
beaches are open for swimming but if you are planning to take a dip in lake michigan today be careful the national weather service has issued a recurrent morning the warning applies to both the illinois and indiana shores of lake michigan the weather service says the rip currents are likely to last through wednesday morning and the agency also warns small boaters to stay on shore waves today range from 12 to 18 ft. high >>president obama's spending part of his labor day holiday in the motor city. the president left his morning for detroit where he is scheduled to speak at the city's downtown renaissance center later this hour. he will deliver his annual labor day address to an expected crowd of 10,000 people and an event hosted by the metro detroit central labor council. this thursday the president will deliver a major speech on jobs and offer his plans to turn around the nation's unemployment numbers. five republican presidential candidates are headed for columbia south carolina this labor day mitt romney, michele bachman, herman cain, newt gingrich and ron paul will take part in
and we are fairly close to where we should have been today, a few clouds drifted across like michigan but very little in the way of rainfall across chicago. 66 degrees in chicago but check out the numbers all over the midwest. it is very pleasant around here. tempters beginning to drop in some of the western suburbs. tonight's temperatures and the like are going to drop into the 50s. look at the dew point temperatures and you can say they are a little higher along chicago's lakefront. we're expecting some fog to form and already we're seeing it visibility nibbled away in some parts of the chicago area. there is some ran out to our east moving through parts of western pennsylvania into ohio and even indiana, maybe a few sprinkles in parts of the chicago area but this isn't going to amount to it too much. this is what our computer is suggesting. nothing of any consequence. tomorrow will be a beautiful day sunshine. our computer models are not generating much more than an occasional shower for any place in chicago most of the area should be dry. com winds expected. here is our forecast n
peninsula in michigan and northern wisconsin but the wins will shift directions here we are 72 degrees tonight, a beautiful night out there. you will get a look at the harvest moon if you sneak out. notice these temperatures and the '60s out in some of the western suburbs. a delightful mite around here and do. temperatures mostly in the mid to upper 50s at the moment, overnight low temperatures for chicago 59-64 or 65 degrees and will continue all night tonight. it continues to reign over parts of the northeast and upper earlobe is creating little instability problem and in fact some flash flooding was reported in parts of interior pennsylvania near the town of east berlin for example, there were water rescues as the result of heavy downpours. with a cold front coming into the chicago area tomorrow night indented tuesday but this would indicate it is going to be dry we're going to have a shower or thunder storm in the forecast here. there may be a few hundredths of an inch of rainfall. but it is not expected to be very much and it is only a slight chance of actually occurring. that is
on michigan avenue there's lots of sunshine but there will be like clouds streaming and the winds will be blowing from the north. it feels more like a late october afternoon the normal high temperature this time of year is up around 75 degrees. we will be up in the '50's most of the area today ... the leading edge of this cool air is marked by these clouds this is crashing into that 100 plus degree heat down in texas ... dallas was at 107 degrees setting records now is 74 degrees their oklahoma city is now at 55 degrees there were 40 degree temperature drops going on in the southern plains the overnight lows went down to 20 in international falls ... we're right where we were yesterday with temperatures we have a high of 58 degrees with a scene that in 37 years ... it will not last that these are the current temperatures around the area: >>the humidity is 42 degrees the water temperatures 68 degrees on lake michigan >>there's moderate grass and weed pollens it's been rough on the allergy side of things ... here are the current temperatures and i want to show you the associate
with a few showers on thursday the wind will run down the length of lake michigan and feed rainshowers into chicago friday friday night and saturday even as those western suburbs clear out to get some frost over the weekend ... some areas will get another inch of rain at the beginning of this weekend and looking at the temperatures ... it is warmer to the north of us in saskatchewan and ontario than it is here in chicago but that will change ... the wind in the city is relatively common right now but there will be gusts occurring the daytime high is nine degrees below normal it's more likely it october. the high-temperature today 62 degrees is a 40 percent chance that a thunderstorm popping up somewhere in the metropolitan area tomorrow will be mostly cloudy with morning fog and drizzle and sporadic rains throughout the day with the high temperatures 67 degrees. it will be 57 friday and saturday it's time now for today's trivia which officer in the u.s. army is nicknamed a full bird this one works. ooh, the price sure doesn't. i'm tired of shopping around. [ sigh ] too bad you
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currently is 68 degrees on lake michigan and the temperatures around metropolitan chicago area this morning ... the frost and freeze will not affect this area the clouds letter to davis and will break through tomorrow sunday's rain could be a slight accumulation it will reach 76 degrees on sunday the jets train no longer blows in from canada some of the milder air will be crossing us by then ... we're in the center of that high pressure system with lighter wind ... nature does not like changing air pressure so the wind will blow from the southeast tomorrow with stronger gusts than today the southerly winds will bring a channel of moisture we will double the atmospheric moisture bringing showers and thunderstorms later on sunday there will continue to monday ... have and enjoy more rain may get accumulated by then ... that will be the biggest rain we've had here in three weeks. those gulf of mexico winds are coming northward pushing the arctic wind back to hudson bay here is the weekend forecast: this afternoon stays cloudy with a light sprinkle. these are october temperatures 61 degrees.
showing 20-30 mi. per hour. high waves off lake michigan another day of wind tossed way it spurted onto the shore line and gave rip current advisory said. everybody had a back-to-school not so worried. scattered clouds cool and breezy amman along the lake cold surface does not happen so much in the city or along the lake. mid-40s-upper forties and lead- upper 50s downtown 53 degrees the official low temperature at o'hare airport. tomorrow a bit warmer sunday still below normal average temperature 73 degrees. cloudy quite windy. saturday start right and hopefully that will be breaks partly sunny sunday which would be nice. more on the seven day forecast a bit. >> beating the odds indiana man's race to overcome a crippling disease a first a bear caught driving a car. trying to steal the vehicle. hey, guys. want to try a new hamburger helper tonight? [ female announcer ] new ultimate cheeseburger macaroni hamburger helper. our cheesiest macaroni flavor. helpers. forty dishes, all delicious. [ male announcer ] at green giant we know nature gives us the most nutritious
the years. >> should be fun at college football notre dame the papers this week against 15th ranked michigan state public losses to florida and south michigan. maybe what they will regret when the bowl invitations come out fourth quarter tommy rees gives lead if nortretre dame could hold on turnovers have killed them 10 first 2 games not killed confidence. batt but i think we have a chance to be a really good football team we are not i get that so, i did not see any need to make any drastic moves or changes we are going to continue to do what we have been doing and we have got to get our players and coaches to play better. >> tough game for them should be easier for northwestern on the road at army moving to 2-0 at the army gives up points by the truckload. burned them for six touchdowns in the opener they are a tricky team and pat fitzgerald will not undersold them in any phase of the game. discipline toughness is a county that are the presents triple option attack at double the defense schematically a challenge fundamentally a challenge physically and mentally challenged. going to have
... the relative humidity 49% the water temperature on like michigan is 71 degrees ... the pollen counts are extremely high ragweed it is in the moderate range ... looking at the maps i am showing you the range and temperature drops ... and here are the local temperatures in the high sixties to low '70's ... and the wind temperature and speed ... 71 degrees at midway airport ... there was a high yesterday for 86 degrees ... the forecast is for the focal whether to tighten its grip and the next couple of days the first nighttime 40 degree temperatures will be here two weeks earlier than last year ... this is like october weather ... the coolest warnings will be thursday and friday ... there's a storm coming off the west coast and the cold there is pouring south word from canada a front is moving south ... the jet stream buckle's goes way to the arctic and endives down into the united states calling us off dramatically ... the high pressure is enclosed by all of these pressure lines you see on the map the brighter colors are where the wind is stronger ... and north wind will be blowing f
located at 5 05 north michigan avenue here in chicago ... the recipe is on our web siteúm03p7@d8[ú08@1>we're looking at that canadian coal their frontld air fronmt.. it will be chilly the next couple of days but it will warm up over the weekend with a chance of showers sunday into monday. we're looking at all of the cloud cover later in the week the wind will cost 20 mi. per hour or more overnight ... the wind will die down tomorrow night setting up frosty conditions ... temperatures will rebound on saturday we will be up to 70 degrees well into the '70s by sunday ... we will be getting a warm air mass c
to be careful following several recent drownings in lake michigan five people have drowned in the late gram chicago last week and 43 this summer summer cottons from rip currents which can carry swimmers away from the shore the best advice to deal with that while swimming is to swim parallel to shore and flowed on your back until it passes drivers may find the rose a little easier to navigate over the labor day weekend ... the illinois transportation department is suspending road construction where possible to ease traffic congestion ... >>the state health department is recalling ludwig dairy products after finding a number of violations at the dixon facility health officials said the equipment operating improperly at the derrick potentially allow raw milk unpasteurized milk to be mixed ludwig dairy products are sold in northern illinois counties that include coke cain, dupage, lake, will and the camry it drinkable yogurt sold under the brand name nuestro quesa is also being recalled no illnesses have been reported ... >>costume jewelry and gently worn clothing with matching blazers and ac
on the campaign trail already this time in detroit with big labor. michigan state what have they but the support has thinned the jobs around the country growing scarce. continued a consistent theme that the economy getting better but more work to do. not satisfied to get back to where we were before the recession we need to fully restore the middle-class in america. and america cannot have a strong and growing economy without a strong and growing middle class and without a strong labor movement. the nation awaits the president jobs plan this week expect speech this thursday joint session of congress. up next labor celebrations tribute to naperville patriotic exchange club military appreciation day on rotary hill free to active military personnel and those who served the country of great flag salute and the country military servicemen. warm a patriotic welcome home for highly decorated marine from the southwest suburbs, sgt. keith krull smiling with his wife and baby girl surprise welcome home party in burbank. seven months in afghanistan. back from camp lejeune in north carolina. i was extremely
including michigan and indiana. the chosen roles for the production will begin auditions on october 1st. a special roche hashana lesson today. they watched as a ram horne was being cured measured sawed it in drilled and polished. it is a semi musical horn used on yom kippur war. and they also got a chance to make their own. the king is back on the throne and no. 1 at the box office. you have seen the lion king before but not like this, the line can 3-d earned more than $29 million this weekend. hear some of the other box office winners. [ man ] did we get anything good? sweetie i think you need a little extra fiber in your diet. fiber makes me sad. oh common. i dare you to taste one hint of fiber in fiber one. oh, i'd be able to tell. why don't i just eat this bag? and how can you talk to me about fiber when you are eating a candybar. you enjoy that. i am. [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. fiber one. introducing the new flip and fresh from air wick. it's something new to brighten your home. with 100% fragrance oil and two levels to choose from for when you need
% the water temperature on lake michigan is 71 degrees ... the mold count is high grass and weed pollens and ragweed is moderate to low ... the cloud cover is the leading edge for that cooler air mass headed in our direction ... it will come in two stages passing through tomorrow morning and that wednesday front which is the bigger deal that's the one escorting that canadian high pressure system. and we're looking at the last of the remnants of that tropical storm lee that left us over the weekend ... we had a cool overnight ... right now we are in the '80s ... elk grove village is 83 degrees 82 and will matt geneva 84 ... readings at the airports are 81 degrees with southwest winds at 12 ... we will continue to check these temperatures and wind speeds ... wind gusts are about 28 mi. per hour from burbank to long grove indiana ... here is what's going on ... remember the contorted jet stream configuration last week? it is not happening anymore ... a jet stream with arctic origins is diving down into the country so we will feel cynical air over the next several dayseel the cool air ov
temperatures continued to drop it is 67 degrees on lake michigan and we are taking a look at that 81 percent humidity ... with pollen and mold it's a tough season for allergy sufferers but it is moderate to low today for all the readings ... >>clearing is on the way that's the headline ... here is some lightning data down toward indianapolis they're seeing showers and thunderstorms and lightning that's headed to the gulf coast that's the northeastern section of indiana well west of fort wayne ... orland park had close to one ensure rain as well as glenview wilmettte and willow springs had about nine tenths of an inch ... we have 4,307 in. reported at o'hare and a little bit more at midway ... >>... harvard is 59 degrees currently ... it is currently 65 degrees at o'hare and 66 degrees at midway ... it is still gray in geneva it will begin to drive their ... we hope to have that son out before the day is over the clouds will be breaking up in a couple of hours ... we had a 68 degree temperatures saturday and 65 degrees sunday the coming week will produce a moderate rain ... we have some in
with that rain pouring down ... the water temperature on lake michigan as 66 degrees. we have moderate values of pollen in the air today it has been a rough season for the allergy sufferers out there we have a chance of showers and thunderstorms continuing heavily in the western suburbs the high temperature to there will be 63 degrees southeast winds at 10-20 mi. per hour tonight shares with some embedded thunderstorms the low temperatures will be in the fifties tonight is 90 percent humidity ... we will have more downpours tomorrow with 64 degrees of high temperature finally by thursday we will see the rain let up but a cold front will come and chilling us a for the weekend but we are expecting a warm-up next week ... there is some warm weather left in this late summer or early fall. time for today's trivia question: the secret service refers to the two first daughter's pass what?as balanced attack in that rematch of that the nfc championship game but they failed to do so against the green bay packers at soldier field. green bay was up one touchdown in the second. and aaron rodgers hit jer
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this time and deformation of these rainshowers to night just past midnight up the morning. most to michigan and north central indiana and if they turned more north and northwest may swipe the southern suburbs. early tomorrow night and then this breaks down the line into a cloudy friday without any rainfall in the picture. could be talking 80 degree temperatures by early next week. indications warmer weather in much of next week. clearing and colder tonight with patchy light frost far northwest suburbs mchenry county and fox valley west and towards a dekalb county. winnebago and the deep rockford area. not in the city. o'hare airport bottoming out in the 40's. mostly sunny and seasonably cool tomorrow with a light cloud crushing us first going into northwest indiana from the north-northeast high 60 degrees spurted tomorrow night at north-northeast wind gusty scattered clouds low temperatures 42 degrees at o'hare airport and 50 degrees in the loop. could be a patch or two of frost tomorrow night. mostly cloudy continued cold temperatures on friday high temperature 65 degrees. back into the '
and hitting a woman cta bus driver cited for what happened on michigan avenue this afternoon a woman trying to crest atcross a street near wacker drive struck cited with disobeying a deep red light and striking a pedestrian. >> chicago city hall taken up the issue of taxicab safety revealing cab drivers get it passed. city government relies on cab driver safety records violations. lenient cook county judges apparently are failing to enforce traffic laws for convictions leaving repeat offenders at the wheel of their taxicabs at the public risk. prosecutors say the problem may stem from witnesses or officer spent to appear in court. fighting back against cyber bullies a chicago students say others can take action against social media abuse president obama campaign office los angeles hit by vandals the day before appearing at a fund- raiser in los angeles. cold weekend ahead tom skilling thunderstorms? hey guys what can i get for you? i would like a decaf 360 calories please. and for you? i'll have a triple iced 410 calories please. you want the 40 whipped calories on that? uh, you know
that we harvest later on this week at powerful northern wind lake michigan when and expected to produce 18 ft. waves in the next couple of days not right away but the kind of wind that will bring the chill in later this week. probably the chilliest region of the country wind blowing north northwest humidity at 94% keeps nighttime temperatures up high mold spore count pollen low today model shows waves of ran right on through 12:30 p.m. tonight and morning rush hour tomorrow in the neighborhood with an occasional heavy shower indicated by the yellow showing up their flashes of lightning to the east and north not so much in our area but this thing about ready to spin itself in our area at least. by tomorrow early sprinkles this will be gone and we will be done with this where the rainfall has been heaviest western suburbs have been very hard hit continuing to grow today rockford up over 4 in. dekalb county at totals. here in chicago at a storm total of about 1.8 in.. powerful wind gust part of the day today. here in the city it kind of, earlier today. the view from the northwest suburbs. 54
degrees. cloudy a few sprinkles and if you have your brain showers possible near lake michigan tomorrow. saturday cloudy and cool again. intervals will not be continuous high 63 degrees. outdoor plans do not give everybody the idea is going to rain continuously but it will come and go time that more for you and a few minutes. >> on wellcome intruder on the northwest side deer hanging out in people's backyards under state law free to do that according to animal control officials neighbors in the 5400 block are not thrilled with the wildlife sightings may have to get used to it until the deer moves on so pretty bambi. birdes s flying lincoln park zoo is placed because of concerns about the kovler penguin seabird house temperature control equipment 22 penguins 43 seabirds being sent to other aquariums across the country build a new exhibit and its place officials say the penguins will not be back called chicago four years. bed bugs may not bike but in insecticides just might why you may want to take a second look at the products used to get rid of those pesky critters. 85 bears going to b
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